This may be something special

We're excited to share the KnowCap Core Token with you. KCCTs are what we hope will be the fuel that powers knowledge capital networks of the future.

About KCCT

The Token


The platform we build around KCCT will start with working with entrepreneurs, but will expand to get into other areas of DeFi (i.e. commercial lending).


We created 100B KCCTs for the next 100 years. Our tokens are the foundation for what KnowCap will be come over the next century.


Built on the polygon network and using some of the best infrastructure tooling, we know that the growth of KCCT won't be hampered by the technology.

Dreaming Out Loud

Support Under-resourced Communities

Where it all started. We realized that those we could connect those who have a need for capital to pay for expert talent directly with the expert talent they want to hire...cutting out the middle-man.

They can exchange KCCT.


Local Empowerment + Global Aspirations

KCCTs have already expanded to different areas of the world. Our goal is to make it the common language between your local branding agency and your overseas office landlord.

The common language for business.

Intrinsic Economic Mobility

We designed KCCTs to reward those who contribute to the network. Meaning anyone, anywhere can help us build out our mission and in return gain ownership of the network itself.


Micro-Economy. Massive Impact.

It all starts with focusing on the entrepreneur and establishing KCCT as a trusted resource - similar to capital.

From there we can take it to a whole new level where KCCT can be used as collateral for loans and part of compensation plans.


Earning KCCTs

Rocket icon

Support a Founder

Join our efforts in supporting new projects with our digital ecosystem.

Globe icon

Refer a Founder

Find us projects to include in our efforts of commercializing ideas.

Layers icon

Connect a Partner

Convince an entrepreneur support organization to refer all of their founders to us.

Support icon

Supply a Service

Offer up something of value to the network to help grow its global footprint.

Diamond icon

Upgrade to Premium

Being a partner is free, but you can become a premium partner and receive up to 5M KCCT per year.

Cog icon

Recruit a Contributor

We are always looking for new experts to support our network, introduce them to us and earn more KCCT.

Share icon

Lead a Project

This isn't individual contributor work, tenured contributors may be asked to transition into project leads after successful exercises.

Device icon

Get Us Connections

It may be press, podcasts, investors, or anything else...make an intro that helps us and earn KCCTs.

What KCCT Gets you



Network Access

Our product roadmap includes you are an accredited investor, the only way to get KCCTs is to contribute to the network.


Partner Rewards

We are working with major merchants to launch a rewards program that will grant KCCT holders with the ability exchange tokens for shopable goods.

cash bonuses

Upside Participation

Earning tokens means that you've helped us build it. You should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Each token is worth a percent of the network's profits.